First progress report on Sanctuary: NextStage

Hope you’re as excited as we are about where this is headed. Following please find an update on our progress building Sanctuary: NextStage.

  • The website is up. Visit it at Click the link for NextStage to have a look. There you’ll find the Six Tenets, the Vision Plan, info about the planned space we’re securing and renovating, etc.
  • Funding has started. We have obtained the initial $3,500.00 of seed funding needed, and are now actively working to raise the rest of what’s needed to secure and renovate the space, operate the company, and manage its world-class training program, and pay for development of our first new project. On the Sanctuary site, you’ll find a Help Make it Real! link for donors. Spread the word, if you care to.
  • Please refer us to potential donors. And if you know a potential large donor who loves cutting edge theatre, please don’t hesitate to introduce us. We can offer them the usual tax deduction and other niceties, as well as our undying affection.
    We’re close to a hiring decision for a Master Trainer. She will design the training program, making sure it properly integrates all the different disciplines. We’ll send out an announcement when that happens, later this month.
  • Please refer us to actors: We plan to announce the initial round of actors for the program near the end of January, and the search is still actively on. We are deliberately creating the company without running a cattle call ad in BackStage! So, if you know any actors of the highest calibre, who might be interested in the program, please feel free to refer them by emailing them about the program (including a link to the site) and CC me at; this way we get introduced.
  • If you see work in NYC that inspires you, please let us know about it. We’re always learning (and have a lot to learn).

Hope your lives are filled with joy.