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We Are Now: Original Cast Album (iTunes | Amazon)

plays (comedies)

1: Hemlock, a Greek Diner Tragedy (read: kindle | paperback)

2: subCity (read: kindle | paperback)

3: Twinges from the Fringe: short comedies (read: kindle | paperback)

4: A New Theory of Vision, a comedy (read: kindle | paperback)

5: The Buffoon Piece (read: kindle | paperback)

6: The New Life, a sci-fi fantasia (read: kindle | paperback)

7: We Are Now (read: kindle | paperback)

8: Light Matter: One-Acts and Shorts (read: kindle | paperback)

9: Eve of Crimes (coming to kindle | paperback)

Important: Performance rights – either professional or amateur – are not ever included in a book purchase. You can contact for information about performance rights.

scenes from bob’s early work are also published in:

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Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2000

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Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 1996

Best Stage Scenes of 1996