sanctuary ready to go…

After all the waiting, finally last week we got the Dept of Edu approval to proceed with our incorporation… and today I finalized the signatures. That pile of checks from all those wonderful donors who have wanted to support sanctuary… will shortly be depositable.

Exciting… well, I think so anyway. Possibly elicits yawns from other artist friends for whom hacking the real world holds less appeal.

six nights over

six nights and starting sanctuary: has had big impact on writing. ideas coming fast and furious but no time to get them beyond sketch stage. working also on producing another premiere; can’t really talk about it yet, but it’s a fantastic play with space to make new.

so pray with me – if you pray to the gods of whatever art where you worship – that the time to write again comes soon, i’m gonna bust.

x b

“Pay the artists” is a mantra

We’re not selling shares and any “profit” the company realizes will be plowed back into more programs – more productions, more presentations, more commissions.

We also have not asked the playwrights for future rights to these commissions. We’re trying to give them a playground where they can fly, and hoping that brings out their true – and enormous creativity.

We’re into paying artists. That’s our mission.

That being said, eventually it will pay us salaries and this project has already had a measurable impact on my own visibility, it’s the goodwill part of my portfolio.

I’ll be rapacious as an artist and leave the nobility to my producer side.

That oughta be amusing.