Lemmings: Night shift

The first comic in the “village idiot” series. It was to be the first longer-running story for Lemmings, which seemed like a way to grow the strip.

It got a good reaction from readers. Maybe onto something. Hrmmm…

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Beautiful Day

The first “Sunday size” (1/2 page) Lemmings strip, as published in the Kenyon Collegian. I had already pre-cut all the bristol board for 10 strips ahead and didn’t have the money to buy new, so I did it with two strips and they had to put photo white tape to hide the line when they photographed it.

I hope you enjoy it more than the printer did.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Funny

This is the first Lemmings published in Kenyon’s Collegian newspaper. Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes) was the political cartoonist for the paper. It’s humbling to think our work was once printed on the same sheet…

To those on the Sanctuary Playwrights Twitter list, I’m only sharing this one comic with the list, only so you can be aware my comics will in the future only be shared via @bobjudeferrante on Twitter, and of course, on my Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/bobjudeferrante.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante