The NY Times

Bless you Anita Gates for your review of Food for Fish… it feels great… though… wellll… really all this stuff is really ephemeral, I mean what is the point of anything… “press…” whatever. Still a moment, to breathe and feel maybe something was accomplished… ahhh….

Still we need to sell a bunch of tickets to this thing to keep us out of the poorhouse. Oy. I can complain multi-culturally.

Though it never made the NY Times, in the Daily News the Caption read: “Save the life of my child.”

Dunno whar that crap comes from… the sump of the unconscious prob.

My dad, ever the guy from the previous generation, but kind, says blow up the NY Times article and laminate it and post it in the lobby. As if there were room in the Kraine lobby for it. I think we should, make us feel like NY Theatre Workshop or whatever.