tiny scraps when whole cloth not available

Just an observation whilst writing; when sometimes I can’t write a whole scene through, instead I make little scene bricks. Sometimes they’re specific to a situation, which means they can only be used in one place; other times they’re specific to (usually two) characters talking to each other, which means they can be assembled into many places in the play; sometimes this requires adjustment to make the arc clear for that moment.

lots of interesting stress starting of course… the project is due for a reading April 15. see you there, I hope, same place as the open rehearsal, Champion Studios, 257 West 39th St., NYC, and same time – 7:30 PM. RSVP to me at jude@pipeline.com. Love to see you there; if you can put up with this blog, which is dry, think of how much more fun you’ll have at the real thing, the play that’s developing underneath the blog.