Twinges from the Fringe

An evening’s worth of short funny work.

Theatres: Great for Fundraisers

Actors: Excellent for Auditions.

Each has its own… peculiar comic… um… bite!

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Talking Cure (2F 3M) An angry shock-jock gets comeuppance from an unexpected source.
Pompeii (1F) “You bump into this guy, a local. He’s really… stoned.”
L’Audience (3M) Two bumbling art thieves steal The Audience, the world’s largest oil painting.
Nixon (2M) “I was just worried about… about… The energy, man. The cracker energy. You know, like imbuing itself. Into our very fibers, or our, like, beings.”
Fun City (1F) That old show biz saw cuts a board in half.
Audience with the Godfather(2M) The godfather. Plumbing. Believe it.
The Ittle Bittle Spat (1F 1M) Hey, honey? Whatcha got in the bag on the car floor? Huh? Huh?
Atlantis, The Lost Continent(1M) The Mysteries of the Ages.
The Phlegm Expert (2M) Excuse me, whatever were we talking about again?
Sinatragate (1M) “I’m confused… I used to be unconfused. Certainty isn’t something of which I can be certain. Certainty is for certain people. But not me.”
Bea and Dee (1F 1M) Sex therapy, by the book? No… Sex Therapy (buy the book).
Recursive Playhouse (1F 1M) What’s this I hear about a play in a play on a play under a play?
Norman, Aphrodite’s Husband (2M) A totally like wow peek into the love and lipstick of the Gods.
You’re Somebody (1F 2M) Not every actor’s nightmare.
But most.
The Case of the Reluctant Suicide (2M) “Devilishly clever… notice that strange tattoo, Davis… a serpent and a head of red-leaf lettuce… the mark of a Hindu fakir, of the Rumaggadan sect… a cult of fanatics who sought inner peace through tying knots!”


Off-Broadway: Grove St. Playhouse (NYC)
Trilogy Theatre (NYC)
Streetlight Productions (NYC)
Shooting Star Theatre (NYC)
Regional: Heartlande Theatre Co (Ann Arbor MI)
Sauk Theatre (Jonesville MI)
May 2008, NEYT (Brattleboro, Vermont)
International: Nov 2001, KIMEP English Language Theatre (Almaty Kazakhstan)
Sept 2006, Teatrul Pi Buni Piatra Neamt, Romania



  • Elias Stimac of BackStage calls Twinges “comical success… laugh inducing, eye opening, or thought provoking–and sometimes all three at once.”
  • Arlene McKanick of OOBroadway Review says Twinges is “worth seeing!”

A few words from actors

  • “Audience” was a fitting end to the evening, and the audience really seemed to enjoy to breaking of the fourth wall — Nathan Fleming Director KIMEP English Language Theater, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • “I used the ‘Fun City’ monologue at an audition at Park Square Theater (a prestigious theater company in downtown St. Paul, MN) for the play Born Yesterday, and I got a part!” — Barb Keith, actress
  • “I recently read ‘Donnyworld.’ I thought it was one of the funniest things I have ever read.” — Luke Leek, performer
  • “Thank you so much for the copy of Twinges , it is a very fun play.” — Samantha Wilson, actress
  • “The scene [Atlantis, The Lost Continent] from Twinges is great. It would be an honor to perform it as part of my audition.” — Jonathan Kapner, actor
  • “[Fun City] is quite possibly the funniest monologue known to man.” — Audrey Leigh Francis, actress