Twinges from the Fringe

15 funny short plays. Including Bob’s most popular shorts: Scene Analysis for Fun & Profit, Men’s, Talking Cure, Nixon, Fun City, Sinatragate & Atlantis, The Lost Continent.

Great for Fundraisers.

Excellent for Auditions.

Fun to read.

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Off-Broadway: Grove St. Playhouse (NYC)
Trilogy Theatre (NYC)
Streetlight Productions (NYC)
Shooting Star Theatre (NYC)
Regional: Heartlande Theatre Co (Ann Arbor MI)
Sauk Theatre (Jonesville MI)
May 2008, NEYT (Brattleboro, Vermont)
International: Nov 2001, KIMEP English Language Theatre (Almaty Kazakhstan)
Sept 2006, Teatrul Pi Buni Piatra Neamt, Romania



  • Elias Stimac of BackStage calls Twinges “comical success… laugh inducing, eye opening, or thought provoking–and sometimes all three at once.”
  • Arlene McKanick of OOBroadway Review says Twinges is “worth seeing!”

A few words from actors

  • “Audience” was a fitting end to the evening, and the audience really seemed to enjoy to breaking of the fourth wall — Nathan Fleming Director KIMEP English Language Theater, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • “I used the ‘Fun City’ monologue at an audition at Park Square Theater (a prestigious theater company in downtown St. Paul, MN) for the play Born Yesterday, and I got a part!” — Barb Keith, actress
  • “I recently read ‘Donnyworld.’ I thought it was one of the funniest things I have ever read.” — Luke Leek, performer
  • “Thank you so much for the copy of Twinges , it is a very fun play.” — Samantha Wilson, actress
  • “The scene [Atlantis, The Lost Continent] from Twinges is great. It would be an honor to perform it as part of my audition.” — Jonathan Kapner, actor
  • “[Fun City] is quite possibly the funniest monologue known to man.” — Audrey Leigh Francis, actress

Tragedy, a comedy

Harry Stevens has a good life. He loves his job teaching intellectually-disabled kids. His marriage is stable. He’s got a good home. But… A routine check-up turns dire. God shows up. Won’t leave. Best friend Bernard starts praying in the living room. Won’t leave either.


cast: 4 (1F, 3M)
set: Single set
length: 40 minutes


Off-Broadway: Emergence Theatre Co (NYC)


The Last Days of Paradise

A strange woman is incarcerated at The Tombs… a dank, dismal, medieval New York jail. And a reluctant Public Defender gradually digs to discover the truth about the “Apart” and the heart of their mystery… “what son of a bitch killed your dream?”


cast: 4, 2F 2M
set: Unit set (basement)
length: 40 minutes

Productions & Publications

Published: The Best Stage Scenes 1999


Bartender Maureen Bacon finds out her ex-boyfriend—mob boss Bob McMahan—wants to seize custody of their daughter Barbara. In a hail of bullets, Maureen stages a final, desperate fight to free Barbara from McMahan’s clutches forever.


cast: 5, 2F 3M
set: Bar (can be done site-specifically in a real bar)
length: 25 minutes

Memory Motel

Tabitha only wanted to be someone—anyone. Then one late night chance meeting changed her forever. Now she’s locked a priest into a confessional until he’ll help prevent her becoming what she can’t avoid.


cast: 5, 1F 4M
set: Unit set (church confessional, parking lot, motel room)
length: 40 minutes

Le Mot Juste

She awakens in a strange world surrounded by dictionary pages blowing in the wind. She has but one word to say it to express all meaning. What word does she pick?


cast: 3 (2F, 1M)
set: Single set
length: 10 minutes


Off-Broadway: Shooting Star Theatre, NYC
Regional: NEYT Theater (Brattleboro VT)
International: KIMEP English Language Theatre, Kazakhstan

Scene Analysis for Fun & Profit

A hilarious short piece shows a married couple’s argument about a possible infidelity, as it zooms between a 10,000 foot view and right in your face. This is my very most popular short.

Read it in: Twinges from the Fringe (kindle | paperback) 


cast: 2, 1F 1M
set: Single (Dining room of suburban home)
length: 10 minutes

Productions & Publications

Awards: Finalist, 2003 Heideman Award, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville

Off-Broadway production:
April 2003 Twinges from the Fringe, Shooting Star Theatre (NYC)

Regional production:
Jan 2002 Heartlande Theatre Co (Ann Arbor MI);
May 2002 Sauk Theatre (Jonesville MI)
March 2008 NEYT (Brattleboro, VT)

Twinges from the Fringe (kindle | paperback)
Also published in: The Best Stage Scenes 2000


“I don’t know! This lady just started banging on the door to the men’s room… don’t ask me why!” Two strangers—one spurned, the other widowed— fight, flirt, and finally find each kindness in each other while standing at the door of a restaurant Men’s room. This is my next-most-popular short.

Read it in: Twinges from the Fringe (kindle | paperback


cast 2, 1F 1M
set Single (Men’s room door)
length 10 minutes

Productions & Publication

Off-Broadway: August 2001 Luminous Group (NYC)
October 2002 Shock Troupe (NYC)
July 2003 NYPD: Twinges from the Fringe, Shooting Star Theatre (NYC)
Regional: July 2000 Main Street Arts (Nyack NY)
College: May 2001 St. Andrew’s College (Aurora ON)
Also published in: The Best Stage Scenes 1999