Lemmings: A Cop Story, page 2

Lemmings: A Cops Story, Page 2

This is page 2 of A Cop Story, a full-length Lemmings story.

And unfortunately it is the last page I did of this story.

And even more unfortunately, this is the last Lemmings comic I have on hand.

What do you think? Should I continue the strip?

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: A Cop Story, page 1

Lemmings: A Cops Story, Page 1

This is page 1 of A Cop Story, intended to be a full-length Lemmings story.

It isn’t dated, so I had to go on the first-run lemmings logo (I tried out quite a few logos before landing on the one in the Collegian). I believe I did these pages just before the run in the Kenyon Collegian, since the art is close to the style I used in the Collegian.

If there is sufficient clamor, (as in, if anybody cares, anywhere) I will finish it.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Rockslide!

This one was given as a gift to my Dad for one of his birthdays, and hung on the wall in my parents’ house a long time. When my Dad heard I was sharing these comics, he let me borrow it for scanning. Isn’t he great?

I’m placing this at the end of Series 1, since it’s using the older logo.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Dr Steinenstein

After ending the strike, I took a temporary hiatus from Lemmings which turned into a permanent hiatus. There’s really no such thing as a permanent hiatus because a hiatus is an implied break after which you’re supposed to go back to doing what you were doing.

At that point, I started working on a single-panel strip called Daily Angst, very inspired by B. Kliban (an artist I greatly admire, and as to those who think he only did that best-selling Cat book, he was far more ambitious than that).

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: bob ferrante here

It was clear the idiot strike was going to have to come to an end. However, po mo little me had to have an artist cameo in the strip.

Now of course we have Pearls before Swine, where Stephen Pastis does this regularly. I would do it irregularly.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Boycott!

Where’s the “equal time” in this? The slanted nature of this reporter’s story is more timely that I realized at the time. Geraldo Rivera was still a local reporter in the NY market; Fox News but a glimmer in Roger Ailes’ eye.

I was only beginning to realize how much Lemmings had turned from a sort of comedy-philosophy approach to a decidedly political strip. I wasn’t sure if it needed a reboot.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Ace Rohmer

A dated reference (Charlton Heston) but the strip still mostly holds up. And it introduces Da Mayor, who will definitely figure in any future rendition of the strip.

Finally, it firmly resurrects Ace Rohmer, via standard comix resurrection technology. And suddenly we have humanoid characters in the strip. Which put Lemmings in the class of heterogeneous human/comix hybrid worlds, like Bone (apologies to the brilliant Jeff Smith).

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Man in the Street!

This strip introduces Ace Rohmer, a running character. It appears from the events in this strip that I killed him off immediately. But he’s a comix character, so I could always:

A) Clone him. (It worked for Gwen Stacy!)

B) Use a Green Lantern Ring of Power to visit another world in the DC Multiverse and teleport him back to Earth-One.

C) Use the Time Stone to grab a younger version of him — or even better, visit him the morning of his accident to warn him. Of course I’d have to steal it from Thanos, and that would take some doing.

The possibilities are virtually endless. I love comix.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: It is Time

As I read this one, I think of some visual changes it needs, and I am helpless. I can’t resist it. I have to fix it, so…

Did you notice the differences? Let me know if you think it looks better.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Demands

The idiot strike continues.

After this comic came out, it turned out few (or possibly no) people got the final joke (cf. the Dostoyevsky novel The Idiot). I should have taken pause after explaining to many indignant readers. Which led to long talks about the (brilliant) work of Dostoyevsky. Some time later I actually read The Idiot. It’s really really good.

You know what they say about jokes. If you have to explain them…

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante