Lemmings: Strike!

The beginning of a long dark period for Lemmings: The Idiot Strike. This running joke proved to be a polarizing moment for the strip’s fan base.

“Fan base?” Kenyon has 1900 people, that’s students, faculty & staff.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Night shift

The first comic in the “village idiot” series. It was to be the first longer-running story for Lemmings, which seemed like a way to grow the strip.

It got a good reaction from readers. Maybe onto something. Hrmmm…

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante

Lemmings: Beautiful Day

The first “Sunday size” (1/2 page) Lemmings strip, as published in the Kenyon Collegian. I had already pre-cut all the bristol board for 10 strips ahead and didn’t have the money to buy new, so I did it with two strips and they had to put photo white tape to hide the line when they photographed it.

I hope you enjoy it more than the printer did.

Copyright © 2019, Bob Jude Ferrante