aubade (o this mornin)

from the new life

O, this mornin that my heart shut down
switches clickd a steel song.
Closin in line, in a line they form.

Hot lights burning miles on
rising cry of sad red sun
givin voice to mornin, the burnin morn.

A fire threadline joins and burns.
A mornin air that shakes the firs.
First points of mornin, of morning dew.

Give us this day a dark descent
A red track, thousan of red light presents,
reach somewhere to where to go to.

She left him dead laid in the groun,
and slip away without no soun
Jus a white flower layin on the box.

O this mornin and my heart shut down,
switches sang that steel song
closin in a line, in a circuits locks.