Being out of it

Some artists never go through the periods known as “out of it.” Those with the courage or the ability to go it alone can usually do it. Some are born with a silver spoon and that’s how they manage. Others meet someone who’s amazingly supportive. If you have none of those things, whether by choice, marrying for love or whatnot, you invariably end up spending large amounts of your time doing work that runs… let’s say… counter to your bliss.
So in case you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged since last July, and why all that seems to come from me right now is static, that’s why. There is some writing going on, but not the kind that cranks out large works quickly. No, it’s been short plays when and if. That and course outlines for a school at which I’ve done work, etc.
Somehow it all feels like stalling. You say to yourself, it’s just a matter of time before the waves of chaos recede and you can go back to it.