The story trinity

There are three stories woven into this play.

The story of the documentary she is making – the answers to the core questions she’s been asking all her life – or perhaps sometimes better questions. Though it’s created in multiple installments, it’s the core of her being that’s explored and revealed; the play’s world reflects these values. Specifically the questions are about the nature of the world they occupy, and how they’ve deluded themselves; she’s the artist, a needed tonic for her day. She’s not always right – in fact, she’s mostly wrong and the truth has to give her a good nip before she can see it. The beliefs she holds at the opening are surely the result of having given up on achieving any of her lifelong goals. But this makes her feel alive; alive for the first time in ages, because she’s going to die. Each actor in the company has to have a part in the documentary at the opening; a 5 or 6-stage journey.

The poisoning plot, which is the cover story for her journey through seven checkpoints – there are seven characters besides Vera and Internet (he’s with her almost in every scene until he can’t be there any longer).

What’s really going on; what grab for power is this and what she’s going to do to bring them to justice and not let them win out.