The divide

There’s a divide in our world.

Workers at your company live with it every day.

It’s so much a part of our landscape – a part of normal – that many do not see it.

It has to do with our software. You might not care about that yet. But this is short, so stay with me.

Productivity suites and apps are tied to the Web. And Web apps are tied to the desktop. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle, SAP (the MAGOS), all are making sure this happens. This evolution fattens their bottom lines and lets them move to the subscription business models that create the annuities they love to see on their balance sheets. This transition has been happening a long while. It’s mom and apple pie.

And then there are corporate apps – the parts of your world where you touch your company’s data. You might have tens of these. Or even hundreds. Some were built by your IT staff. Some were purchased. Many are Web deployed – via what they used to call your Intranet.

And these do yeoman’s work. Meat and potatoes work. (For vegans, quinoa and kale work.)

These have in common:

  1. They are stovepipes. Sealed off. The databases are closed off unless somebody has spent the effort to pry it open.
  2. They don’t look and feel like each other. They were built or bought at different points in your evolution, from different managers or different companies.
  3. They lock you into infrastructure. Browser types and releases, operating systems, databases, middleware. Whatever, you’re stuck supporting that infrastructure until you move away from them.

Meantime, the MAGOS suites and apps have fewer of these problems. They are open – at least interoperable with other apps from the same vendor. They tend to have a consistent user experience. And they are relatively free of lock-in…

… except they lock you in to a MAGOS .

For most businesses,  it’s tempting to dump the in-house apps and move to vendor suites and accept the lock-in.

Even though the transition will cost. Hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions.

And once that money is spent, you are well and truly locked in.

There has to be a better way.

There is.

Stay tuned.